About Lance Racey Consulting - Our Philosophy
Do you care  ...
  • what absence costs you?
  • if illness lowers your productivity?
  • who is stressed or mentally-ill?
  • if someone has a disability?
  • if you can't retain employees? 
  • if you can't attract new recruits?
  • if you have policies on health?
  • you are at risk of prosecution?
  • about the law?
  • if you're losing money or business? 

Most employers would say yes, they do care yet, sadly, in a recent survey* 18% of employers do not record their annual employee absence rate, a key indicator of business success, and 19% of those that do are not using the information to their benefit.

Some employers believe managing employee absence and health is not a priority particularly during periods of low growth, recession or cuts to services. It is thought to be costly and time-consuming when there are other pressures and deadlines to meet.

We believe...

It is vital not to be short-sighted as there are strong business reasons why it has never been so important to get things right straightaway. 

Economic austerity and recession may last longer than anticipated. This increases stress and pressure on business owners and workers.
Mismanagement increases absence, presenteeism and labour turnover. 

Conflict increases and company closures occur more rapidly. 

This is not the way forward.

Aside from any legal obligations and duty of care, organisations and employees need to be as flexible 
and adaptable to change to meet new challenges. 

Emotional resilience, learning from setbacks and 
having a 
positive outlook on life are key factors in achieving success. 

By using all the skills and talents 
of your team, keeping them progressively engaged 
and healthy can attract huge benefits through increased performance, loyalty and output. 

We believe...

Passionately about helping employers look at the wider picture 

Our holistic approach helps
  • identify and resolve organisational issues
  • saves costs
  • improves productivity
  • reduces absenteeism
  • identifies presenteeism
  • lowers stress
  • raises awareness about 
DepressionDisability / Impairment
Domestic Abuse/ViolenceEating DisordersEquality &  Diversity
Fitness, Sport
& Exercise
Harassment /
HoardingLearning Disability / DifficultyMental Health
Neuro-diversityNutrition & DietObesity
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)Presenteeism
StressTalking Therapies / CounsellingTrauma
Veteran's AwarenessWeight Loss Wellbeing
  • eliminates stigma;
  • improves workplace health, safety & wellbeing;
  • reduces risk of litigation;
  • recruit and retain engaged employees;
  • complies with the law;
  • make you a model employer.
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