Core Services
We are a Human Resources and Wellbeing Consultancy 
choice and solutions to resolve long-term or underlying attendance and health issues and 
focus on 6 core activities:
Linked Services
We advise on all HR topics with specialisms in Health & Wellbeing,
Employment Law, Employee Relations and Equality & Diversity.

This includes helping you
  • manage recruitment and selection processes including advertising and interviewing;
  • draft contracts of employment, handbooks, policies, procedures and other HR documents
  • liaise with payroll about salary / wage changes including paid leave
  • review reward & benefits systems
  • manage working time, holidays, maternity, paternity, parental & adoptive leave or time off
  • raise awareness of and tackle equality & diversity issues including harassment/bullying
  • deal with performance, capability, grievance, conduct, disciplinary or dismissal hearings
  • review staffing and if necessary make redundancies or transfer work (i.e. TUPE)
  • respond to employment tribunal and some other legal claims 
We act as a 'one-stop shop' for all your heath and well-being issues.

We work with associates throughout the UK who provide local support, specialist advice and training on our core, linked and additional services including

Health & Safety Occupational 
Employee Engagement Recruitment
& Selection
Equality & Diversity Domestic Abuse or Violence 
ResilienceEmployee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)TeambuildingEmployment
Status & Contracts
Employee RelationsWork-Related Violence
Physical DisabilityCounselling
 or Talking Therapies 
Learning & DevelopmentPay, Reward & Benefits Grievance Harrassment / Bullying 
or Alternative Therapies 
Business and 
HR Strategy 
Family-Friendly Policies Conduct & Discipline Sexual, Racial or Religious Abuse
First AidNeuro-DiversityOrganisational Culture & Job Design Work-Life Balance Capability & PerformanceForced Marriage 
Medical / Health InsuranceAddictions & Eating Disorders Redundancy, Redeployment, Career Counselling & Outplacement  Labour Turnover Dismissal & Termination of Employment"Honour Crime or Killings"
Sport, Fitness & Exercise Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss Veterans Awareness TUPE / Mergers & AcquisitionsChange 
Female Genital Mutilation 

We are always looking to add to our list of associates!

What do we do?

We arrange to meet you and your management team to understand your organisation and the issues you face.

Working closely with managers, teams and external contacts we help you develop policies and procedures, to meet legal 
requirements and achieve best practice.

We help you measure and monitor attendance, deal with individual cases, identify underlying causes and propose solutions or recommendations for action.

We train and raise awareness of stress, mental health and disability issues.

Our aim is to end stigmas and enable growth to maximise your organisation's potential by retaining, developing and recruiting the best people who are flexible, 
        motivated and engaged in the
        success of your organisation.


Our services are of benefit to 
corporate and not-for-profit sectors, schools, charities, and the NHS.

Whether you are a microbusiness, SME, mid-sized or large employer I can help you focus on reducing your absenteeism and stress to get healthy workplaces and boost your productivity, effectiveness and profitability.
As a business we understand the time and financial constraints 
that your organisation may be facing, including the need to get people fit for work quickly at minimum cost. 

We are convinced that our holistic, flexible and pro-active approach will improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of your team.

Our solutions are not expensive. 

We believe they are thorough and cost-effective, where resources won't be wasted and is worthy of your time and investment.

If you want us to reduce absence and stress and get you a healthier workplace then please contact us.